We dreamed that the world has ended

12 images Created 20 Aug 2020

The project is a collaboration between me and my life partner Saara Tuominen. We self-isolated in a cabin in the countryside of Finland during Spring 2020.

The project grew from our mutual fantasy of being the only people left in the world. We played a game of being forced to live in harmony with and even worship the surrounding nature and each other. Soon we noticed that an urge to control is always present in our desire for finding balance. We were trying to command something that would not obey.

This is an edit of our work during Finnish mass isolation project State of Emergency 2020 (www.poikkeustila2020.fi). A different version has been published on the project’s website in November 2020 and in Poikkeustila2022 photo book edited by Hanna Weselius and Hannamari Shakya.
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